We all need some spare parts at some point, whether it be regular maintenance, repair or to replace worn or damaged parts.

Our parts department is dedicated to helping keep your machine working, be it a lawn mower, tractor, combine, cultivator or ATV.

We may not be able to keep all parts on the shelf, but with in excess of 4000 different lines, we are doing our best.

With the help of some efficient suppliers including;

Wearing metal, batteries, filters, pest control, animal welfare products, health & hygiene.

Vast range from pins, nuts & bolts, tractor spares, electrical goods, clutches, trailer parts.

Huge range also, with genuine parts from europe at lower than UK prices.

Full range of tools including, automotive tools, construction tools, and also a gardening range.


Parts are usually available on overnight carrier even from our european suppliers.


The ranges listed above is only a fraction of what we can supply, to see for yourself the massive range available, just click on any of the logos to access their web site, find the part you're after, and give us a call on 01234 768889 or email, and we will be happy to qoute you the price and availability. It's simple.


We are now also able to supply JCB Workwear. As modelled by our staff - Great looking, Hard working. That's the clothes not the staff!