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Logic EBC-TFS120P Electro Broadcaster

Logic EBC-TFS120P Electro Broadcaster

This UTV ATV Electro Broadcaster is designed to spread a wide range of products including slug pellets, fertiliser, all types of seed, trace elements and minerals, etc. The all-welded galvanised frame, polyethylene hopper and stainless steel metering plate ensure a long, trouble free life

Make Logic
Model EBC-TFS120P Electro Broadcaster
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High performance motor models with turbo drive feature for 24m + spreading of good quality slug pellets - not required or suitable use with ATV's. designed for UTV/self-propelled sprayer/large tractor/mounting on implements. 

- will spread good quality slug pellets in excess of 24m 

- 85 Ltr capacity

- Power on/off 

- Factory fitted kit includes power actuator, control box, 8m cables/plugs/sockets etc to enable remote control of feed and disc

- For tractor and sprayer use (not recommended for ATV use)