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Suzuki Datatag Kit

Suzuki Datatag Kit

The CESAR Security System powered by Datatag is the official security initiative of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) and the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and now comes FREE on all new Suzuki utility ATVs.

Make Suzuki
Model Datatag Kit
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*Not available to purchase online. Contact us for more information.

The kit, once installed, is not only the No.1 theft deterrent for your Suzuki ATV reducing the chance of downtime in your business but, in the event of a theft, also acts as a powerful tool for recovery.

The easy and quick to install Suzuki Datatag kit will give your ATV a unique “fingerprint” that can be established, by the police or the insurance industry, in a number of different ways.

The unique identity cannot be erased, however hard a criminal may try due to the various methods of marking, all included in the kit

What's Included: 

The system, which can be applied to both new and old engines, is designed to be easy to install and contains everything that is required, including:

  • NEW "Stealth" UV etching technology
  • Datatag Datadots
  • High quality ultra destruct
  • Glass tag electronic transponder with a unique embedded identification number

Please discuss fitting with your local authorised dealer.

All new utility ATVs come with the CESAR Security System for FREE including fitting.

For existing ATVs you can have the Compact CESAR Security System installed for just £120.

About DataTag

All UK police forces have been equipped with thousands of special Datatag scanners that are specifically programmed to read the Datatag electronic transponders which give each motor a unique “electronic fingerprint” helping the police to gain the upper hand and defeat the criminals. Datatag already has extensive experience in producing similar products for the motorcycle market and all Datatag systems meet the “Secured by Design” standard, the Association of Chief Police Officers preferred specification for security marking.