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Brian James Trailers

In late November 2022, Managing Director Anthony Deacon was very pleased to be able to launch the fabulous range of Brian James Trailers. This new venture for MKM was brought about because for years, customers had been asking for a quality trailer for their needs.

This exciting programme for MKM means that now we are able to offer the complete range the BJT Multi Purpose, Transporter, Tipper, Plant and Racer Transporter are all available  and can easily be seen from this very website under TRAILERS 

The launch was greeted with much excitement by customers with the phone constantly ringing with many enquiries. Anthony Deacon, said that he was truly astounded at the reaction. We sold a couple of trailers on the actual day we started trading with Brian James Trailers and had many enquiries since then.

The whole partnership started off when we looked at the trailer industry to find out what was the best for us as we constantly carry ATV, UTV, Ride On mowers and of course the Iseki range of compact Tractors, so a reliable trailer is an absolute must for us.

We were particularly impressed with their build quality added to the fact that the manufacturing base of Brian James Trailers is based literally just up the road from us, so stock and supply parts are really accessible. From a workshop perspective, when we service trailers this is an absolute must 

JUst before we closed on that first day, it was a real pleasure to see one of our first customers Debbie, drive off with her Brian James Trailer.. what a great end to our first day of trading with BJT.

For greater information and to see how you can 'build' your trailer, simply go to the Trailer section on this website..

Debbie picking up her Brian James Trailer

Well it's certainly getting chillier as I write this post (November 2022) and it has been raining for a lot of the week.. so what does that really mean to us all here at MKM? Well it means that we are incredibly busy, with many in the Farming community trying desperately to deal with very wet land now.. so different of course to the long hot summer that we have all witnessed.

As we head at warp speed to the end of the year, it's always a good thing to have machines that so many of us rely upon, serviced. Our Service Department at both branches, Ixworth Thorpe, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and Marston Moretaine near Bedford, have many ATV in for service and or repairs.

On top of that both branches are currently offering a discount on having Garden Machinery serviced in the off season. Quite a financial saving can be ha in off season servicing, so many people are taking full advantage of the offer.

The change in weather to much colder, really is on the minds of everyone across the country with the cost of energy. Getting more 'bang for your buck' is something that we never really hear about in the energy world however, we at MKM have a very powerful solution to those energy blues.

We are providers of the rather fabulous Airrex Infrared heaters, which are really awesome. They provide safe and really effective heating for such challenges as workshops, large marquees, recreational facilities, Greenhouses etc, which traditionally have been incredibly difficult to heat, especially in a reasonable cost effective way.

Pop over to any of our showrooms and see (feel) for yourself how effective these fuel efficient heaters are. This picture shows our 'Chief Product Tester' Odin really enjoying being next to one.

Welcome to a new way we are looking to communicate with our customers, associates and friends of MKM Over the following years we hope to be able to share with you, some of the things you didn't necessarily know about us and how we can help people, even more than we currently do.

Many have know MKM for a long time, some going back to when we first started back in 1986. We have come along way since then, the one thing still remains a hard and fast rule, namely.. SERVICE.

Over the years we have taken pride in the way that year after year, people come back to us, knowing that they will be treated well and that we offer good honest, some say 'old fashioned' service.

MKM has traditionally been known for the sales and service of ATV, often known as 'Quad Bikes', UTV, various agricultural equipment and more latterly with Garden Machinery.

Reputation  is something that has been built up over the years by the Deacon family and still today the business is very much a family run, with three generations taking an active part in the day to day running.

Sharing product knowledge has always been part of the ethos, not simply the selling of product, but explaining with passion about how the product will or in some cases will not suit customers, this has proven to be a winning combination and gives MKM the competitive edge.

Here is an example of great product knowledge helping the customer to make sound decisions. Recently we took delivery of several brand new Kawasaki KFX90, which is aimed at the youth market, so when offering these for sale, special attention is always needed to really help the younger generation of customers. Here is MD Anthony Deacon sharing knowledge of the Kawasaki KFX90 to customers.