UBCO Adventure Bike

UBCO Adventure Bike
UBCO Adventure Bike
UBCO Adventure Bike
UBCO Adventure Bike

A reinterpretation of UBCO's 'Dual Purpose Utility Bike. Homologated globally for use on and off road. Ready for work or adventure.

Model Adventure Bike
Stock No. N/A

£3,833.33 Ex VAT


Accessories & Optional Extras

Image 2.1 kWh Battery £1,375.00
Image 2.6 kWh Battery £1,541.67
Image 3.1 kWh Battery £1,750.00


*Price Excludes Battery. Battery Options available at an extra cost.

  • Perfect for the urban commuter who dislikes traffic jams and the weekend adventurer who enjoys the sounds of nature
  • Flux2 motors provide awesome torque, with more sustained performance and efficiency at top speed
  • Active control regenerative braking
  • The utility frame allows you to attach and carry what you need
  • Full security protection including wireless key fob and manual steering lock 
  • Proven delivery performance with companies such as Domino's

kX2.1: Best suited for: 

  • Daily Commuting
  • Adventure Day Trips
  • Last Mile Delivery

Capacity: 2.1kWh

kX2.6: Best suited for: 

  • Urban Commuting
  • Overnight Adventure Trips
  • Food Delivery

Capacity: 2.6kWh

kX3.1: Best suited for: 

  • Commercial Use
  • Weekend Adventure Trips
  • Postal Delivery

Capacity: 3.1kWh


Weight excl power supply: 52.7kg | 116lb

+ 2.1kWh power supply: 65.7kg | 144.6lb

+ 2.6kWh power supply: 68.7kg | 151.7lb

+ 3.1kWh power supply: 70.7kg | 155.6lb

Weight (excl power supply)52.7kg 
Height 1,040mm
Seat height 815mm
Width (handlebars) 820mm
Length 1,820mm
Wheelbase 1215mm
Max speed 30mph
Drive train 2 x 1kW Flux2 motors
Payload (incl rider) 150kg
Suspension - front UBCO ATFZATFZ 130mm adjustable
Suspension - rear UBCO ATF 120mm adjustable

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